I use a local wiki powered by Gollum to keep myself organized. I use the following file structure:


At first, I had a bookmark that linked to a page that had an index of all the pages in the /Developer/Notes/ section of the wiki. But that took two steps to get to a day’s page. I would have to click the bookmark to the index, and then choose the specific day in the index. To shorten the process, I created the following TextExpander snippet that would automatically enter the URL for the current day’s page.


This reduced the number of steps to only one, but added typing to the process (have to type the abbreviation for the snippet to have it expand). That was still too much work for me, so I wrote some JavaScript bookmarklets that set the browser’s location to a URL that changes based on the day:

javascript:d=new Date();window.open("http://cats.are.cute:7890/Developer/Notes/"+(1900+d.getYear())+"-"+(d.getMonth()+1)+"-"+d.getDate(), "_self");

Now it’s just one step: one click. Note that 1900 must be added to getYear() because getYear() returns the number of years since 1900. 1 must be added to getMonth() because getMonth() starts at 0, where 0 is January. getDate() works as expected.