Convert Categories to Tags and Vice Versa

  1. Go to the WordPress dashboard
  2. Go to Tools > Import
  3. Choose the “Categories and Tags Converter”
  4. Install it through the prompt
  5. Select which categories you wish to convert to tags (or click at the top to switch to converting tags to categories) and confirm

Exclude Categories and Tags from the Home Page

  1. Install the “Simply Exclude” plugin
  2. Set Home Page from the default “Include only” to “Exclude” in the “Simply Exclude” settings
  3. Go to the categories section of the WordPress dashboard
  4. Check the checkboxes next to which sections you would like to exclude from the home page

Note: it is also possible to do this by editing the WordPress functions.php file.

Create a Page with Full Text Posts from One Category

  1. Go to the WordPress dashboard, Appearance > Editor
  2. Open up your “loop.php” file, or the file that contains your while loop with has_posts
  3. Copy that, and paste it into a new php file titled name-of-your-page-template.php
  4. After get_header(); add query_posts('cat=13');, replace 13 with the ID of the category or categories you want
  5. Find the if-statement containing is_search and replace the_excerpt(); with the_content();
  6. Upload your php file into your theme directory
  7. Create a new page in WordPress, set it to the page template you just created, and publish it