I recently started using Gollum again for note-taking and figured I’d share some of the customizations I’m using with setup.

Generate a List of All Pages

The last time I used Gollum, I manually maintained a table of contents for my entire wiki on my Home page. It turns out, since then, a macro has been created to generate this automatically. You can use this snippet in any file and a list of all the files in your wiki will be rendered in its place:


If you want to customize this, you can take a look at the macro implementation and modify it as necessary.

Add Table of Contents to Every Page

Instead of manually adding the [[_TOC_]] tag to the top of every page, you can have the table of contents for a page automatically added to the top or sidebar of every page by creating a file named _Header.md (or other file extension) or _Sidebar.md (if you want the table of contents as a sidebar) and add [[_TOC_]] to it. Commit the new file to git, refresh the page, and you should have table of contents on every page.

HTTP Basic Authentication

There’s a gist that adds HTTP basic auth to Gollum. Note that this requires you to run Gollum with Rack. Alternatively, you could put Gollum behind nginx or Apache and add authentication there.

Custom CSS and JavaScript

This is a pretty well known and well documented feature, but you can create custom.css and custom.js in your repository root and launch Gollum with the --css and --js flags respectively and have custom CSS/JS injected into every page of your wiki.

Fix List Margins

For some reason, the default styles for Gollum put huge margins before and after lists. This CSS fixes that and makes them look more normal:

.markdown-body ul, .markdown-body ol {
    margin-top: 0;
    margin-bottom: 0;