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A modular API framework in Python that dynamically loads modules with reflection and supports a crude dependency injection system.
With modules for Foursquare, GitHub,, Pinboard, and Todoist.

web api web app python flask


Python API for Quora content and statistics.

library web api python quora outdated

Quora API

REST API for Quora content and statistics.

web api python flask quora outdated


Additional integrations for Beeminder and a framework for creating new integrations quickly.

web app python jinja bootstrap flask jquery

Log Server

Collects and streams logs over websockets and HTTP endpoints.

web api javascript express node.js websockets


Python API for accessing and scraping Metacritic reviews.

library web api python scraping


A serverless gateway for Elasticsearch instances.

web api javascript elasticsearch node.js serverless


A REST API and web app for controlling the Spotify client for Mac.

library web api web app python mac spotify


An app for maintaining weekly snippets of progress on goals or tasks.

web app python css html jinja bootstrap flask


An extensible personal dashboard, built as a modapi module.

web app python css html jinja bootstrap flask


A web app to rate music artists based on their live performances.

web app javascript css html jade express mongodb node.js hackathon


A lightweight habit tracking app. Built with Flask and AngularJS.

web api web app javascript python sql css html angular flask


A flat file CMS in a single PHP file.

web app php


A web app for creating and sharing charts.

web app python jinja bootstrap d3 flask jquery mongodb

Photo v1

My (old) photo website, built from scratch.

website javascript css html liquid jekyll jquery

It's Showtime

Suggests movies by comparing users' tastes to those of thousands of professional critics.

web api web app python sql flask hackathon

Batch SMS

A Python library for sending large amounts of text messages.
Used at DubHacks Fall 2015 to make SMS announcements.

library tool python sql twilio hackathon


A tool for visualizing real-time network/graph data.

tool javascript css html d3 jquery


A framework for building modular Twitter bots.
Modules: twitbot-img.

bot library python twitter


A framework for quickly creating repeated random sampling simulations.

library python


A Python implementation of the Elo rating system.

library python


A library for executing AppleScript in Dart.

library dart mac


A Python library, CLI, and API for fetching GitHub contribution streaks.

library python

Todoist CLI

A command line interface for batch adding tasks to Todoist.

tool python


A simple file system that encrypts files individually.

tool python

Quora Backup

A script for backing up Quora user activity to MongoDB or CSV files.

tool python quora outdated


A command line interface for JIRA.

tool python outdated

Web App Tools

Tools and scripts for various web applications: Evernote, Fitbit, Foursquare, GitHub, Instagram,, Reddit, Todoist, Tumblr, Pinboard, Quora.

tool python quora outdated


An iOS app for finding friends available to hang out with.

native app ios hackathon

Pinboard Quick

A Google Chrome extension for quickly and silently creating Pinboard bookmarks.

native app javascript chrome

Pebble Quora Stats

An app for viewing Quora user statistics on a Pebble smartwatch.

native app javascript pebble

Open Hunt API

A Python library and HTTP API that scrapes data from Open Hunt (no longer exists).

web api python flask scraping Scraper

A Python library and HTTP API that scrapes data from the website.

library tool python scraping


A Python library and HTTP API that scrapes and parses data from the Steam Market.

library web api python scraping

Metacritic API

A Python library and HTTP API that scrapes and parses Metacritic.

library web api python scraping

Spotify Control API

An HTTP API for controlling the Spotify client for Mac (written before the official Spotify API supported controlling clients).

web api python flask mac spotify Compatibility

Web app to check the compatibility between two users.

web app javascript css html less jquery

Product Prompt

Generates product design prompts.

web app javascript python css html jinja flask

Flask Wrapper

A library to quickly create HTTP API wrappers around Python modules using Flask.

library python flask


A library for controlling the Spotify client on Mac in Dart (written before the official Spotify API supported controlling clients).

library dart mac spotify


A Logrus hook to send entries over Socket.IO.

library go logrus websockets


A Logrus hook to post new entries to an HTTP endpoint.

library go logrus


A Python library for scrobbling to multiple accounts.

library python


A Python API for controlling the Spotify client for Mac (written before the official Spotify API supported controlling clients).

library web api python mac spotify


A simple command line interface for scraping content from web pages.

tool go scraping


A Slack bot that maintains an archive of channel messages.

bot python slack

Export Saved Reddit

A script to export saved Reddit posts and comments into portable file formats.

tool tool python reddit

Quora Scripts

Various scripts and bookmarklets for Quora.

tool javascript quora outdated

Dashing Widgets

Various widgets for the Dashing dashboard system.

tool ruby dashing

Quora Word Count

A Chrome extension that adds word counts to the text editor on Quora.

native app javascript chrome quora outdated

WordPress Plugins

Various plug-ins for WordPress.

native app php wordpress

Translator Bot

A translation bot for Mastodon. Translates new and existing statuses.

bot python mastodon

Personal Website

Statically-generated Jekyll website with several extensive, custom components.

website javascript html liquid sass jekyll jquery


A Safari extension that displays a big clock when a new tab is opened.

native app javascript html safari


A Safari extension to set a home page for new tabs.

native app javascript html safari

Flair Bot

A Reddit bot to update user flairs on Reddit through message commands.

bot python reddit outdated

Verification Bot

A Reddit bot that verifies users through Google Forms and performs moderation tasks.

bot python reddit outdated

Image Bot

A Twitter bot built on the twitbot framework that returns images for the given keywords.

bot python twitter

Project Euler Offline

A tool to check solutions for Problem Euler problems while offline.

tool python

Pomodoro Timer

A (very) simple client-side pomdoro timer with Beeminder support.

tool javascript